Company of Choice

We are skilled, experienced, hardworking problems solvers who drive down the bottom line by trapping and solving complex utility and telecom billing errors to win major refunds and secure ongoing savings by implementing hidden opportunities.

Our Analysts have decades of experience and our mission is to recover and save significant amounts of money on your behalf. We’ve reviewed 1000’s of bills and contracts and know exactly where to look and what to find to bring these results to our Clients in the form of refunds and savings without typical expense or capital. Refunds can go back many years as many of our Clients have experienced. Errors can be found and identified however obtaining those refunds is the key.

At Current Capital Recovery LLC, our process is unobtrusive requiring minimal staff time for your employees. We are professional when dealing with your service providers and know that those vendor relationships are important and cannot be compromised.

Client Profiles

  • School Districts/Colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Native American Tribes, Bands & Nations
  • Retirement/Assisted Living
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotel/Resort
  • Municipalities
  • Grocery/Restaurant Chains
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Associate Member of the California Small School Districts’ Association (SSDA)

“Our School District worked with Current Capital Recovery’s Team as their business model was 100% contingency based. Much to my surprise, their Team found over $325,000 in refunds and savings. We were extremely happy with their results”

Mitch Slater – Director Maintenance &Operations, Lodi Unified School District

“Current Capital Recovery’s Team worked with the Lummi Nation. They found close to $300,000 in billing refunds and savings with our utility and telecom service providers. I would highly recommend their Team to help your Tribe recover lost dollars.”

Henry Cagey – Lummi Indian Nation