Utility/Telecom Bill Verification and Analysis

At Current Capital Recovery LLC, we offer a no-risk experience and if we don’t get results, there is no fee. We don’t represent any utility service provider or carrier, we simply work for our Clients and boast over a 95% success rate in finding money.

Our “contingency-based” service does not require you to come up with money in order to save money. In other words, this is “found” money that drops to your bottom line. We also develop optional recommendations to ensure savings into the future. Count on our experts for a thorough forensic analysis and discover your savings.

Finding Money

Revenues wasted on unintentional and overlooked billing errors can now be streamlined into increased company value. All of our clients have employees who do a very good job of reviewing their billing statements and we do not duplicate their efforts. For over twenty years, our Team has specialized in providing utility and telecom bill analysis services to save our Clients money wherever we can. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to find overages on any bill and our track record proves it. We provide a “full turnkey service” in getting you the money. What good is an analysis if you can’t collect? Additionally, to minimize the impact on your staff, our analysts work remotely.

Refunds Due to Overcharges

At Current Capital Recovery LLC, our goal is to ensure that you are getting accurate bills each month from your service providers. Our Team looks for all types of billing errors and inappropriate charges. We also verify you are on the correct rates according to the tariffs, regulations, ordinances, etc. Our organization has extensive experience in presenting our findings to hundreds of service providers in order to get the maximum refunds possible. Service providers can be less experienced in their own billing platforms than we are.

Future Savings Recommendations

Our team of professionals offer recommendations to help you save money every month in to the future. These recommendations are voluntary. You can say “no” to any or all of our recommendations. Recommendations may include migrating to an optimized rate schedule, removing inappropriate and unauthorized services, adding contract enhancements and other strategies designed to do one thing: save money going forward. The recommendations we present do not typically require expense, capital or behavioral changes to your organization. You are in the driver’s seat and can accept or decline any recommendation. We handle all aspects of a seamless implementation process for any savings you request.

What you’re paying for…

What you think you’re paying for…

And what you’re actually getting…

Can be three different situations.

Let our Team find out!